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Hi there! Welcome to Tech’D. A blog about technology in general. You’ll hopefully be seeing much to technology. Currently, I’m in a start-up phase. Or sandbox-mode. I do whatever I feel like and what I think would be best. You might define this blog more as a project than a actual service where you can get regular information. Yet, the main purpose of this blog is to give information about different technology. If I will success in trying, time will show.

As I said I’m in the start-phase, and there’s many things that isn’t decided 100 %. One thing I can guarantee is that this weblog is non-commercial, which means I’ll not make any profit on this “project”.

I’m excited to start and I hope this would be educational process both for me for those who reads this.

By flickr-user Wonderlane. Licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0-license.

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June 19, 2009 at 3:04 pm

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